Pastors Newsletter - Being Hospitable

May 16, 2013

Is hospitality a gift or a Christian virtue? I have heard it called the “Gift of Hospitality” meaning that some people are hospitable as a result of a special endowment of God and the rest of us are off the hook.  Or are all of us required to practice hospitality as part of our Christian walk?  What do you think? I would enjoy hearing your view on this. There is no warmer feeling than when you come into a strange context and somebody notices you and takes you under their wing, so to speak.

Actually, the Bible has a lot to say regarding the way we treat strangers. Being a “stranger” at a party, a meeting, or at a worksite can be extremely unpleasant and stressful.  Yet we put out ads welcoming perfect strangers to come to our Sunday worship and then wonder why people don’t respond. The lack of response might not be because our music isn’t good enough, or the ad wasn’t appealing enough, or the preaching wasn’t entertaining enough, or the building not good enough, NO,  the answer might be as simple as “nobody wants to be a stranger in a strange place.” How do we fix that? We believe that the worship experience can be a powerful life changing experience. Maybe some of you reading this may feel like strangers amongst friends. I would be happy to hear from you directly at with suggestions on solving this problem or if you still feel like a stranger in our midst. Hospitality will be the point of our discussion this coming Sunday.

Family Camp

We need to hear from you regarding Family Camp. Family Camp is July 8-11. Go to to visit the brochure. This is an inexpensive get away for you and your whole family.  The camp can only take 70 people, so get your application in immediately.  We spend most of the day playing in the water, golfing, hiking, fishing and relaxing with our friends. Rawlin Falk, a great teacher, will bring our devotionals to us after dinner. Followed by marshmallows and camp fire down by the lake. How much better can it get. Register today, we want to see you at camp.


Everybody loves to move, NOT! But sometimes you just got to do it. And one of those times is for us on May 24-26 weekend. Moving can be a lot more fun if we have lots of people helping. Have some fun with us Friday afternoon, May 24 and come help pack boxes. And then show up bright and early 9 am for moving everything into our new building. We will meet at 812 Stanley Street both times.

New to the Church?

Please consider attending a seven week class beginning May 19th on the basics of Christianity and vision of our Church. This ninety minute class will give you the basic teaching of our belief structure, vision for our church, and make good and long lasting friendships.  Contact Pastor Jim at if interested. We will design the class to be interactive and instructional.

Grand Opening and Dedication

Sunday June 23 we are planning our Grand Opening and dedication of our new building.

Music Equipment

An essential element to our Sunday experience is music. To be able to produce quality music is critical in today’s culture. The skill and dedication of the music team is only half the equation. The other half is having the proper equipment. Now that we are in a permanent location, we need to upgrade and augment our music equipment. This will require significant DOLLARS! Please pray about this and consider giving a one-time donation to help with this need.  You can donate on line or in person on Sunday morning. Thank you in advance. 

Child Care Opportunity

Russell Makasoff is looking for someone to care for his three children. The twins are cute and three years old, other child is six and cute too. Full or part time. Please contact Sandra Makasoff at 250.354.1123.

Relay for Life (Cancer can be beaten)

To be held in Lakeside Park on June 15, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Please contact Bruce Anderson if you are interested 250-551-1989 or email at

Important dates to remember

May 24 and 25th. The BIG Move for ODB & KCF offices will be, 9 a.m. Old Building 812 Stanley Street.

June 11, 2013 @ KCF 7-9 pm My HOPE CANADA  training for Evangelistic Event in November.

July 1 Joseph Tent of Many Colors @ Lakeside Park

July 8-12 Family Camp @ Dutch Harbour

July 20th Annual Bike Ride - Route to be announced.

Aug. 19 Ride the Rockies @ Lakeside Park approx. 2 p.m.

(Program for adult Addiction)

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Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

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Pastor Jim

Nancy Cataford, Administrator

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