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Cultural Dilemma

In my series “Think Differently” I have been exploring the fruit of our thoughts and thought processes. Nothing will be different until we think differently, is a phrase I have said a few times. This Sunday I want to explore the role that Culture plays in the way we think about life and spirituality. There is a tension here for the follower of Jesus. When culture and Jesus’ teaching clash, what do we do? Or do we just assume western culture is Christian? This has been the criticism of the western missionaries who seem to simply export western culture and call it Christian. Some would say this is what happened a hundred years ago with our aboriginal friends. The Government of the day employed the Church by using Residential Schools to destroy the culture of a people under the guise of teaching them about Jesus. We are still dealing with the hurt and pain of this misguided and hurtful agenda to this very day.

This is a tricky subject. Culture is not neutral. The way a society thinks will determine the well-being of that society for good or bad. In some cultures, the use of alcohol has no visible effects, while in other communities the culture around alcohol can be devastating. So much so, that some communities have banned the substance completely. But prohibition hasn’t stopped the use of alcohol as they experienced in Iqaluit, Nunavut. What they found instead was ingenious ways locals obtained booze and when they did, it resulted in binge drinking.  Michelle LeTourneau wrote in the Nunavut News October 27, 2017 how the Nunavut Liquor Commission wants to change the way Nunavummiut’s think about alcohol. I quote, “We’re trying to move away from the binge-drinking culture, toward a more responsible culture,” said manager of corporate policy for the Department of Finance, Mads Sandbakken. “Trying to make people more aware of their own drinking habits, their own drinking patterns, and try to discourage binge drinking.”

The point is, culture of a community will affect the way we approach life. Nelson culture is liberal in morality, non-conformist in practice, spiritual in values, and green in conscience. How does Jesus and his teaching fit into this culture? The follower of Jesus must decide what aspects of culture are congruent with Jesus’s teachings and which are not. When there is a clash, one must decide on which side you will fall. Jesus never decried culture, but he did say, “pick up your cross and come follow me.” (Matthew 16:24-26) Picking up one’s cross simply means bringing one’s thought in line with the teachings of Christ when our cultural thinking is incongruent with Jesus’s teachings. There may be aspects of cultural thinking that are not healthy, good for the environment, or life to the soul. It is here that Jesus followers have a role. When we bring our thinking in line with the teaching of Jesus, examining our culture through the lens of God’s love, not only will we benefit, but the community will experience a positive change.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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