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God, give me Wisdom

If anyone lacks wisdom, ask God and he will provide it generously without judgement. (James 1:5) What a statement! Who hasn’t needed wisdom for a difficult situation, an answer to what seems unsolvable, or a solution to complex and entangled human interactions. Yes, wisdom is more important than money, power, or even knowledge. Wisdom keeps us safe. It will help us avoid dangerous pitfalls. Wisdom can carve out success even in a hostile environment.

Wisdom is imperative, but knowledge has replaced it. We live in a knowledge based society. Information has never been more available. “Google knows all,” I jokingly say. To which one smarty said, “I don’t need Google, because my wife knows all.” It is amazing what we can find on the internet. Want to fix a leak in the house, google it. Want to solve a car problem, YouTube it. Want to find a spouse, go online. However, none of these things will give you wisdom.

In the article What Is Wisdom? The psychology and philosophy of wisdom, published in Psychology Today, Neel Burton, MD writes:

“Every time I utter the word ‘wisdom’, someone giggles or sneers. Wisdom, more so even than expertise, does not sit comfortably in a democratic, anti-elitist society. In an age dominated by science and technology, by specialization and compartmentalization, it is too loose, too grand, and too mysterious a concept. With our heads in our smartphones and tablets, in our pay slips and bank statements, we simply do not have the time or mental space for it.”

We deceive ourselves by thinking, if I get the right information, I can make the right decision. There are problems with this thinking, such as:

1. Can I trust the information? Today we are bombarded with fake news, false stories and information that is misleading. The story is repeated so often that it becomes accepted without merit.

2. Truth is no longer objective. Instead, it is based on one’s perceptions and feelings. Now we use terms like “my truth”, to describe what one knows.

3. Knowledge in itself is neutral. Fact alone will not necessarily lead one to a right decision. Wisdom is that ability to make/take a moral and appropriate course of action. Knowledge is important, but how one uses it becomes the issue. This is where wisdom comes in. Solomon, considered one of the wisest men to put thoughts to paper said, “Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7) We have flipped that to be “knowledge is the principle thing.” Knowledge in itself will fail us. Instead, Wisdom provides the ability to understand what right course of action is needed within the framework of the knowledge we have gained.

God wants us to have wisdom. That is the bottom line. Therefore, we can pray for it with confidence. Don’t let pride keep you from praying that simple prayer. We can have wisdom, if we just ask for God it.

This Sunday, we will be talking about the prayer God always answers with a yes, it is Lord, give me Wisdom. Sharon Verishine will be sharing thoughts on this; we welcome you to join us in this great time of Celebrating God together. 


We thank God that our prayers to return the team of 24 people to Canada has been answered. 

Please continue to pray for the wellbeing of those in Haiti Arise and in the country itself. Food and other staples cost have risen greatly. Please pray peace to be restored and governments will become moral, legitimate, and care for the people.

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Pastor Jim

Feb 21, 2019

Celebration: Sunday: 10:25am - 12pm

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