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Reaching Our Highest Calling

I have been thinking about success and failure. Do you think you have reached your highest potential, the pinnacle of success, the apex of your ability? If you answer in the affirmative, then what? I suggest, be careful. Actually, I do more than suggest, I implore you to be careful. You are one misstep away from a disaster. One deception away from ruin. One mis-calculation from crashing to the valley of despair. The point I am making today is, the greater your influence, success, and accomplishments; the greater the potential for pride. When pride is present, judgment is clouded. Pride precedes a fall. (Proverbs 16:18) And the higher we ascend, the greater the impact of the fall.

Should we then abandon the goal of reaching our greatest potential? To live in mediocrity as our goal is equally as bad. Jesus had severe warnings for those that failed to develop their potentiality. (Matthew 25:14-30) Our destiny is to reach our highest potential. It is what we were predestined for by the Creator of the universe. God’s will for us is to be all that we were designed to be. And the key to achieving true greatness is to remain humble, have a servant attitude, and trust God for wisdom and insights rather than our own isolated opinions. Herein, one will protect themselves from the delusion of self-importance, the deception of grandeur, and the illusion of one’s own brilliance.

Reaching our highest calling will be the topic of my sermon this coming Sunday. It may surprise you how different the call of God may look in comparison to the standards foisted on us by social media, culture and even our peers. God wants us to be free of the entanglement of the pressures around us, so we can ascend to the highest place. Upon arrival, we will be able to reside there in peace, safety, and fulfill the will of God for our lives.

Easter Celebrations

On Resurrection Sunday, April 21st, we will have three wonderful events you can take part in. First, enjoy the Easter morning with Christians from many different churches at 8 am at Lakeside Park at the Flagpole. Then come on down to KCF for an Extreme Scrumptious Continental Breakfast at 8:45 am; once our bellies are full, we will celebrate the resurrection together at 10:25 am. What a great morning it will be. Each of the events is open to the community and everyone is encouraged to bring family and friends. Contact the office for participation opportunities.

Spring Up to Grow Church Breakfast – Free, Fun, Fantastic

Join us on Saturday, March 30 at 9am for Breakfast at KCF. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather and share a meal together. As we enjoy each other’s company, there will be sharing of growth group experiences, hearing about the GG Vision, hearing from hosts and facilitators and there will be opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We are looking forward to spending some fun time together and sharing a breakfast while we’re at it.

Growth Groups

Growth group is a wonderful opportunity to grow in God and with each other. 

Registration time for the next start-up is now underway. The theme we will explore together is Demystifying God.

Group gatherings will begin on Wednesday or Thursday nights, April 10/11 and will run until June 12/13. 

Contact the KCF office to register or sign up at the Guest Table on Sunday.

KCF Annual General Meeting

KCF will hold its 2018 AGM on Sunday, April 14 at 1pm, following our Sunday Celebration. We invite you to join us as we review the past year and zone in on the vision for 2019. Bring a sandwich or bagged lunch.

Summer Retreat at Dutch Harbour

Why not consider taking a part of your holidays to join us for a Summer Retreat at Dutch Harbour. This is an inexpensive opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, Kootenay Lake, beautiful mountains and beaches, plus be inspired and encouraged. This will all happen within the community of wonderful people. Pastor Glenn Breitkreuz will be our retreat Speaker and Cliff Schneider will provide Children’s Ministry for the kids. Join us July 8 to 12.  Contact the office to register.

Calendar of Events

  • Spring Up To Grow Church Breakfast, Saturday, March 30, 9-11am at KCF
  • Growth Group Start-up, April 10/11 – Contact KCF office to Sign up
  • KCF Annual General Meeting, Sunday, April 14 at 1pm, bring a sandwich
  • Ladies Conference - Going Beyond Simulcast with Priscilla Shirer, Saturday, April 13, 9 – 4:30, Bethel Christian Centre, 623 Gordon Street, Tickets at      
  • Easter Celebrations, April 21, 8am Son Rise Service at Lakeside Park Flagpole, 8:45 Continental Breakfast at KCF,10:25 Resurrection Celebration at KCF
  • P.A.R.T. 14 (Pedal Along a Rail Trail), Saturday, June 22
  • Angus Buchan, It’s Time Canada – 3 days of historic prayer and teaching that influenced a nation June 28-30, 2019. Book
  • Summer Retreat at Dutch Harbour near Riondel, July 8 -12
  • No Greater Love Music Festival, Cochrane, Alberta Aug 10 & 11

Visit our website at for all the news, sermons, and places to donate.

Pastor Jim

March 21, 2019

Celebration: Sunday: 10:25am - 12pm

Kootenay Christian Fellowship
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