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What is God Like?

What is God like? To some He is a tyrant and cruel. To others he is loving and compassionate. Some feel he is distant, while others feel he is near. Irrelevant. Essential. Impotent. Powerful. Enemy. Friend. All one-word sentences describing God. How is this possible? It may have more to do with what we have experienced in life rather than what God is actually like. Some are absolutely convinced of God’s Omni benevolence (all good) while others are equally convinced that God is anything but. So what is God like? It depends upon what you believe. We see things, as we believe them to be. It may not be true, but if we are convinced it to be so, we will find supporting evidence that collaborates our worldview. We now call it “my truth”.

What I experience and how I feel about something trumps empirical evidence and objective observation. As the scripture says, “So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter.” (Isaiah 59:14)

The challenge with this is that we could be wrong about something and never realize it, because we are not open to new and opposing ideas that contradict “my truth.” Here is what I found. When I allowed Jesus into my life, suddenly a whole new world opened up for me. Jesus came to reveal God. It is impossible to know what God is like with out coming through Jesus. God is spirit. God became flesh in the person of Jesus so we could actually know what God is like. By knowing Jesus (God in the flesh), it is possible to have an experience - a relationship, with one who understands my problems, my idiosyncrasies, my pain, my temptations, and loves me still.

You see what we believe about God does not actually change who or what God is. He remains the same; it is our understanding that needs to shift.

This Sunday, I will be sharing what God is like. If you feel negative about God, this would be the perfect Sunday to attend. I am not going try to convince you to change your mind. However, what I will endeavor to do is have us look at our experiences and to consider how they have shaped our view on God. It may surprise you to find that God was present and working even in those very negative areas that caused us great pain and suffering. As the Scripture says, “he [God] is not far from each one of us.”( Acts 17:27)  

Looking forward to seeing there.

Communion Sunday

This Sunday is Communion Sunday. It is when we come together as a family to eat at the Lord’s Table.

KCF Annual General Meeting

KCF will hold its 2018 AGM this coming Sunday, April 14 at 1pm, following our Sunday Celebration. We invite you to join us as we review the past year and zone in on the vision for 2019. Bring a sandwich or bagged lunch.

Growth Groups

Groups are now underway. We are excited that this has grown to 3 groups for this round. It is not too late to join a Thursday night group this week. There are limited spaces available, so don’t miss out! The theme we will explore together is Demystifying God.

Group gatherings are running Wednesday and Thursday evenings until June 12/13 and then we will break until Fall. 

Contact the KCF office to register or sign up at the Guest Table on Sunday.

Dutch Harbour Open House

This coming Saturday, April 13, 10am – 4pm at Dutch Harbor, near Riondel, there will be an Open House. Come on out and welcome the new Caretakers, Carl and Kelly Plamondon and say good-bye to Nils and Bonnie for many great years.

Easter Celebrations

On Resurrection Sunday, April 21st, we will have three wonderful events you can take part in. First, enjoy the Easter morning with Christians from many different churches, 8am, Lakeside Park at the Flagpole. Then come on down to KCF for an Extreme Scrumptious Continental Breakfast at 8:45; once our bellies are full, we will celebrate the resurrection together at 10:25. What a great morning it will be. Each of the events is open to the community and everyone is encouraged to bring family and friends. Contact the office for participation opportunities.

P.A.R.T. (Pedal Along a Rail Trail) 14

This super fun bike ride with a purpose is set to happen on Saturday, June 22.  Come and join us for this incredibly scenic 4 to 5-hour ride with trestles, tunnels and spectacular views from high above the Arrow Lake. It is a 54 km ride starting at Paulson Detour Road and concluding at the Celgar Mill parking lot.  This is a key fundraiser for Our Daily Bread. NEW - We are excited that this year Kinnaird Church of God will be partnering with us by providing the meal after the ride. With sponsorships of $200 or more, your entry fee will be waived. Registration forms are available at the Information Table on Sunday, at the office during the week or at via the link below

Register now and start accumulating sponsorships! 

Summer Retreat at Dutch Harbour

Why not consider taking a part of your holidays to join us for a Summer Retreat at Dutch Harbour. This is an inexpensive opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, Kootenay Lake, beautiful mountains and beaches, plus be inspired and encouraged. This will all happen within the community of wonderful people. Pastor Glenn Breitkreuz will be our retreat Speaker and Cliff Schneider will provide Children’s Ministry for the kids. Join us July 8 to 12. Contact the office to register.

Calendar of Events

  • Dutch Harbour Open House, Saturday, April 13 10am – 4pm
  • Ladies Conference - Going Beyond Simulcast with Priscilla Shirer, Saturday, April 13, 9 – 4:30, Bethel Christian Centre, 623 Gordon Street, Tickets at
  • KCF Annual General Meeting, this Sunday, April 14 at 1pm, bring a sandwich       
  • Easter Celebrations, April 21, 8am Son Rise Service at Lakeside Park Flagpole, 8:45 Continental Breakfast at KCF,10:25 Resurrection Celebration at KCF
  • P.A.R.T. 14 (Pedal Along a Rail Trail), Saturday, June 22
  • Angus Buchan, It’s Time Canada – 3 days of historic prayer and teaching that influenced a nation June 28-30, 2019. Book
  • Summer Retreat at Dutch Harbour near Riondel, July 8 -12
  • No Greater Love Music Festival, Cochrane, Alberta Aug 10 & 11

Visit our website at for all the news, sermons, and places to donate.

Pastor Jim

April 11, 2019

Celebration: Sunday: 10:25am - 12pm

Kootenay Christian Fellowship
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