About ODB

Our Daily Bread is Nelson’s only hot meal program that is barrier free to all members of society. Five days per week, ODB offers a hot nutritious meal in a safe and welcoming environment. Each day we serve an average of 60 to 90 people.

Many of our guests at ODB have multiple barriers to self-sufficiency. Some of our guests are homeless and many are at risk of homelessness. The daily meal at ODB is often the only meal of their day. Our guests not only receive nutritional health, but also emotional support. Our guests are able to connect with one another and share their life experience. Many of our guests find support for childcare and problem solving from the other guests, volunteers and staff.

One of the aims of ODB has been to support people in finding meaning in their lives and help them back into society. Volunteers in the kitchen learn skills that help build a resume. Some of our guests use the office to contact employers, landlords, and family members. Our telephone, internet, and scanner are used by our patrons free of charge.

Due to the increased number of guests at Our Daily Bread, we have a policy in effect - People are asked to donate $20 which gets them a meal card good for 22 meals. If they don’t have a meal card, they are asked to donate $5.00 to cover the cost of their meal. If people are not able to donate, there are some sponsorship opportunities available or they can volunteer to cover the cost of their meal. We are excited about the policy because of the way the Nelson regulars have taken pride and ownership in the services provided. In fact, implementing this policy was largely due to their suggestions.

If you would like to donate online to Our Daily Bread, please click the "Donate" button.

Celebration: Sunday: 10:30am - 12pm In Person Church or Facebook

Kootenay Christian Fellowship
520 Falls Street (1/2 Block up from Baker Street)
Nelson, BC  V1L 6B5 

About ODB: