Missions Mexico

Our History in Mexico

Since 2008, Kootenay Christian Fellowship has had a partnership with "The Erma Fennell Foundation" in Vicente Querrero, Mexico. We have a church plant there and provide regular support to Pastor Hector, the pastor of the church.

Another aspect of ministry we are involved in is working with the Erma Fennell Foundation for Needy Children. "Mother Erma", as she is called in Mexico, a Canadian missionary who dedicated 20 years of her life to helping the poor in this region of Mexico. We support ministry called "Milk and Peanutbutter", where a cup of milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter are fed to poor children. This is often all the food these children will get to eat.

November Missions Trip

In November of 2010, a team from our church led by Dan Poirier travelled to Mexico to build a house for Pastor Hector and his family. The trip was a huge success, they completed the house in time, and all were blessed. The following is a note Pastor Hector sent Pastor Jim after the team returned to Canada.

“We have continued with our service in Tres Arbolitos, but I want, through these letters, once again to give thanks to God for His people and to be thankful for the construction of the pastor’s house which is a blessing from God for the entire congregation. I always thought it was necessary to live close to the brothers and sisters from the church. Thank you Pastor Jim for your work team, for their unity, and for being in the same Spirit. God bless and keep each one of them: Brian, Daniel, David, Joe, Wayne, and to your entire congregation. There are only a few more details that are lacking and need to be fixed, including the papers needed for my kids to change schools, so that our service in this place would be fruitful. Thank you very much for everything, Pastor Jim.”

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