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At Kootenay Christian Fellowship we take Micah 6:8 seriously. It says, "He has told you, O man (church), what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

There are three things that God asks of his people: To act justly, to love being kind, and to walk humbly..

Just think what a great world we would have if we all promoted justice. If we spoke up for the weak and protected the vulnerable. Add to that acts of kindness. Not kindness that is out of duty, but where a group of people actually loved doing kind things. Such a people we desire to be. And then lastly, what voice would we have if we were proud of our goodness. Would we not be just like the religious bigots everyone loves to hate. We desire to be a people that are willing to get our hands dirty, our knees bent, and our feet on the ground.

In this website you will find information and opportunities. But our most sincere prayer is that we will get to know you and you and us will get to know God. If we can assist you in any way, please email your concern to one of the people on our contact information page. We want to be a blessing to you. Come and share a day of worship with us. We meet every Sunday at 520 Falls Street in Nelson, BC. 

There is free parking available on Sunday behind the building. 

Pastor Jim Reimer

Latest Blog: Demystifying God - Why Should I Trust God?

Why Should I Trust God?

The Issue of trust is not simple. When the car salesman says, trust me, this car is great. Maybe not so much. In fact, if someone has to say “trust me” it is usually a good place for our spider senses to rise up and cry DANGER. It is universally accepted; trust is the foundation to any relationship. Without trust, it is impossible to have any sort of meaningful connection with people or with God for that matter. Interestingly, our lack of trust with humans will mirror perfectly our ability to trust God as well. So why should I trust God, when all around me trust is being violated, abused, and taken for granted?


Celebration: Sunday: 10:25am - 12pm

Kootenay Christian Fellowship
520 Falls Street (1/2 Block up from Baker Street)
Nelson, BC  V1L 6B5